Participate in NFIP Marketing Campaigns

The National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) has established an ambitious moonshot goal increase the number properties covered by flood insurance.

To achieve this, the NFIP designs and delivers targeted marketing campaigns across the country. Campaign goals range from reaching new customers in high-risk flood areas, to encouraging existing customers to renew their policies.

Join the NFIP’s marketing campaigns.

Read the descriptions below to find campaigns in your area.

Urban Flooding

Ongoing Towns, Cities, and their Suburbs

For clients living in or around cities and towns, help them understand their urban flood risks – including new development, changing weather patterns, and even sudden summer storms.

image depicting fire

Flood After Fire

Ongoing West Coast

Due to devastating wildfires across the Western United States, the NFIP is supporting ongoing marketing efforts to help agents raise awareness of flood after fire risk and drive policy sales.

An image of a yellow rain jacket floating in water

Hurricane Season

June - August South and Southeast

Hurricane season is here. The NFIP is calling upon insurance agents in the region to help educate their clients on the importance of purchasing flood insurance before the next big storm hits.