Participate in NFIP Marketing Campaigns

The National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) has established two ambitious goals: increase the number properties covered by flood insurance and quadruple the amount invested in mitigation.

To achieve these goals, the NFIP designs and delivers targeted marketing campaigns. Campaign goals range from reaching new customers in high-risk flood areas, to encouraging existing customers to renew their policies.

To participate in one of the NFIP's current campaigns, visit the campaign homepages below to download the tools, templates, and resources you need to get started.

Agents and the “surround-sound” marketing effect

Agents play an important role in the NFIP’s marketing campaigns. As trusted advisors and community members, agents are crucial “surround sound” messengers and front-line sales representatives.

Studies show that when targeted marketing is paired with “surround sound” marketing – in-person meetings or sales calls, marketing emails, or social media posts – the impact of a marketing campaign is significantly amplified.

NFIP's Current Marketing Campaigns

Learn more and participate in the NFIP’s current marketing campaigns. If a campaign isn't happening in your area at this time, visit the NFIP Resource Library for ready-to-use resources to grow your business.

An icon depicting a home inundated by flood waters

Hurricane Season Campaign

June – September 2018 Gulf Coast, East Coast

This hurricane season, the NFIP has launched a dynamic marketing campaign across the Gulf and East Coasts to raise awareness of hurricane-related flood risk.

An icon depicting an umbrella in rising water

National Geographic Customer Acquisition

July – September 2018 Nationwide

This summer rain season, the NFIP has launched a dynamic marketing and outreach campaign in 21 target markets across the country to encourage the purchase of flood insurance when awareness of flood risk is high.

An icon depicting a burned forest in rising water

Flood After Fire Campaign

Ongoing West Coast

Due to devastating wildfires across the Western United States, the NFIP is supporting ongoing marketing efforts to help agents raise awareness of flood after fire risk and drive policy sales.