Understanding the Newly Mapped Procedure

What’s changing

A client’s property’s flood risk is changing from a moderate- to low-risk flood area (Zone B, C, or X) or Unknown (Zone D) to a high-risk area (Zone A or V).

An image depicting a transition from moderate/low to high risk

What this means for existing or potential clients

For clients that are newly identified to be a high-risk flood area, the NFIP offers a cost-saving option called the Newly Mapped Procedure.

With the Newly Mapped Procedure, clients who buy a policy during the first 12 months* after a map update are eligible for the lower-cost Preferred Risk Policy (PRP). Rates will then go up no more than 18% each year until they reach a standard Zone X rate or the rate based on the new flood map, whichever is cheaper.

If the building is sold, the policy can be transferred to the new owners, allowing them to keep the lower-cost rate. Clients must maintain coverage continuously to keep their Newly Mapped rate.

*Starting October 1, 2018, FEMA is expanding Newly Mapped Procedure eligibility. Clients can secure lower rates up to 12 months after a map update goes into effect, or within 45 days of initial lender notification. Lenders have up to 24 months after a new map goes into effect to notify clients.