Flood Insurance for Renters

Floods are the most common, and costly, natural disaster in the United States. However, standard renters insurance does not cover flood damages and leaves many renters stuck with significant out-of-pocket expenses. You can utilize the NFIP resources below to help educate renters about the flood risks in their area that they may not be aware of, as well as the policy options available to renters.

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Know the Risk. 

Towns, cities, and their suburbs have more development, more concrete, and fewer places for water to go. That means a hard rain can become a flash flood in minutes. This video can help your clients in metropolitan areas understand their risk.

Talking points

Use these key facts when speaking to renters about flood insurance.

  • On average, about 40% of all NFIP claims come from outside high-risk flood areas.
  • Low-cost renters insurance, also called contents coverage, can start at $100 a year and potentially protect renters from thousands of dollars in flood damages.
  • Your landlord’s flood insurance will protect the building you rent in, but not your personal belongings from flood damage.
  • Renters flood insurance is separate from your renters insurance, but your agent can provide you with the information you need.