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Below are media resources—from informational videos to post-disaster photography, customizable post cards to ready-to-use fact sheets—to help you tell the story of flood risk and drive policy sales.

Agents are encouraged to distribute marketing resources during client meetings, on social media, in marketing emails, on company websites, and beyond.

Visit to order NFIP print materials free of charge or for information on photo and video usage guidelines.

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A flood-damaged house, Vicksburg, MS

A Flood-Damaged House

A house heavily damaged by flood waters.

A picture of three people

A Real Estate Professional's Guide to Discussing Flood Insurance


A brochure to help real estate professionals discuss flood insurance with their customers.

Flooded neighborhood in Texas

Aerial of Flooded Neighborhood in Raymondville

Flooded neighborhood streets in Raymondville, Texas after Hurricane Dolly

Aerial of flooding in Minot, North Dakota

Aerial of Flooding in Minot

Aerial view of Minot, North Dakota after flooding in July 2011.

Aerial view of flooded neighborhood, TX

Aerial View of Flooded Neighborhood

Aerial view of flooding in Texas.

Washed-out road under repair surrounded by flood water

Aerial View of Flooding in Minot

Aerial view of Minot, North Dakota after flooding in July 2011.

View of floodplain

Aerial View of the Yukon Flood Plain

An aerial view of this Alaska floodplain shows the path of the receding floodwaters in this community after severe flooding crippled its entire infrastructure. 

A picture of a rubber duck sitting in a puddle as it rains.

After Wildfires, Your Flood Risk Goes Up (English)

Wildfires leave the ground charred, barren, and unable to absorb water. That means even light rain can potentially turn into a financially devastating flash flood or mudflow. Watch to learn more about the importance of flood insurance.