You Can Make a Difference

In a moment, flooding can undo the financial security that took your clients a lifetime to build. But as an agent, you can make a difference:

  • Talk to your clients about flood risk.
  • Inform clients of their flood insurance options.
  • Offer to convert clients’ current policy to a lower-cost Preferred Risk Policy (PRP), if they are eligible.

By making flood insurance your business, you can help protect your clients and community while generating additional revenue.

Spotlight on: hurricane flood survivors

Gary Boggs, a retired U.S. Army Sergeant, purchased flood insurance from the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) to protect his biggest asset, his Jacksonville rental property. After Hurricane Irma, his NFIP policy and the support of his insurance agent made rebuilding possible.

FloodSmart agent case studies

Learn from agents across the country about how selling flood insurance with the NFIP helps them protect their clients, increase community awareness, and grow their business.

  • Q: Why do you sell flood insurance?

    A: “Florida is 100 miles across, with water on either side. Between every home is a waterway, a pond, or a retention basin. We’re surrounded by water. Everybody is at risk for flooding here.”

    Q: What strategies do you use to sell flood insurance?

    A: “Any time we interact with a client, we talk about flood insurance. We have a real urgency around it.”

  • Q: Why do you sell flood insurance?

    A: “I do it to take care of people. Houston is as flat as a pancake, surrounded by water, with a high water table. Additionally, severe storms and changing weather patterns are the new normal. Houstonians should prepare for a world where the threat of hurricanes is a rule, not an exception.”

    Q: What’s it been like working with the NFIP to file claims post-disaster?

    A: “It’s been very refreshing to see the NFIP do the right thing when there’s a snag in the claims system. As an agent, I want to be involved with an organization that will have common sense and do the right thing. In today’s world that’s not common.”

  • Q: Why do you sell flood insurance?

    A: “Immediately after a flood event, many of my clients’ first reaction is to feel worried or frustrated. That’s where my work begins, helping to explain the first steps to file a claim and referring people to preferred vendors. “It’s a good feeling when you spend all this time selling insurance policies, to know your people are protected. It’s a great feeling to be able to tell them, ‘Yes, you are covered. Here’s the number and let us know how we can help.’ People appreciate that.”

    Q: How do you explain the value of flood insurance?

    A: “We write a flood insurance quote with every policy we sell, but sometimes it takes severe weather for clients to understand their risk. When that happens, a lot of the clients will call me back saying, ‘Bobby, we rethought it, and we think flood insurance is definitely worth the $450 bucks.’”