Getting Started: Why Sell Flood Insurance

Just like homeowners, life, and auto insurance, flood insurance is an important part of your portfolio to protect your clients while building your business.

Build your business.

When clients know they can rely on you for all of their insurance needs, why would they go anywhere else? Help your current clients understand how they could benefit from expanding their coverage to include a flood policy. There is no rate competition with flood insurance. Instead of having to compete for business based on rates, agents can focus on competing for business based on customer experience and satisfaction.

Protect your customers.

If it can rain, it can flood. In fact, people outside of high-risk flood areas file nearly 25% of all National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) flood insurance claims, and receive one-third of Federal Disaster Assistance for flooding. Compared to the high cost of a flood event, flood insurance is a small price to pay for peace of mind. The NFIP is working to double the number of properties protected from flood loss—and agents are an important part of this effort.

Build customer trust.

Insurance is about trust. Your clients trust you to know what they need in homeowners, life, auto, liability, or other lines of coverage. By offering flood insurance as part of your portfolio, you can make your clients aware of a key vulnerability in their coverage that will more fully protect them, building trust and increasing potential for additional sales.

Protect your business.

Your clients trust you to keep them informed about the protection they need and to offer that protection. They also expect you to have the technical knowledge you need to accurately sell and service flood insurance.

The top two Errors and Omissions (E&O) pitfalls are not offering coverage and not offering the right amount of coverage. As a well-trained and motivated flood agent, you can protect yourself from possible E&O-related lawsuits.

About Flood Insurance

Understand coverage and cost for residential and commercial properties.

The Need

Learn more about flood risk and how to overcome common client misconceptions.

The Value

Flood insurance is worth it—for the protection and peace of mind it brings.

The Proof

Case studies and testimonials from agents, clients, and flood survivors.

Become a Flood Insurance Agent

Learn how you can add flood insurance to your business portfolio.

Starter Kit: Key Documents

Download the resources and tools you need to get started selling flood insurance.