2019 Hurricane Season Campaign

Hurricane Season is here. Make sure your clients are prepared with flood insurance.

Hurricanes and the flooding they can bring can be financially and emotionally devastating. Just one storm can lead to catastrophic flooding.

The resources on this page are designed to help educate your clients about the importance of purchasing flood insurance now, before the next storm hits. Materials can be used throughout hurricane season, being mindful of sensitivities in your area when a hurricane is imminent or a community is recovering from a recent storm.


Image depicting people sitting on a couch reviewing documents

Preferred Risk Policy for Homeowners and Renters


For clients moving out of the high-risk flood area, use this brochure to encourage clients to convert their policy to a lower-cost PRP.

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Protect Your New Home (F-697)

Fact Sheet

For new homeowners, questions to ask their insurance agents and basic information about flood insurance and flood risk.

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Survivor Story: Jeff Baugh (30 sec)

Jeff Baugh had just brought his newborn daughter home when Hurricane Harvey hit. After the storm, flood insurance allowed his family to get back to their home and back to their lives more quickly.

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Survivor Story: John and Michelle Tipton (30 sec)

John and Michelle Tipton lost everything during Hurricane Matthew, but with flood insurance from the NFIP, they’re rebuilding their home to better weather future storms.

Image depicting a woman in a home that is under construction

Survivor Story: Rupi Prasad (30 sec)

Rupi Prasad purchased flood insurance for peace of mind during her retirement years. With help from the NFIP, she’s rebuilding after Hurricane Harvey.

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Survivor Story: Sergeant Gary Boggs (30 sec)

Gary Boggs, a retired U.S. Army Sergeant, purchased flood insurance to protect his biggest asset. After Hurricane Irma, flood insurance made rebuilding possible.

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Why Do I Need Flood Insurance? (F-002)


Make the case to clients about the risk, need, and value of flood insurance.