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Below are media resources—from informational videos to post-disaster photography, customizable post cards to ready-to-use fact sheets—to help you tell the story of flood risk and drive policy sales.

Agents are encouraged to distribute marketing resources during client meetings, on social media, in marketing emails, on company websites, and beyond.

Visit to order NFIP print materials free of charge or for information on photo and video usage guidelines.

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Image depicting a woman sitting at a desk, holding a cup of coffee

Who’s Knocking At Your Door?

Infographic for policyholders and disaster survivors on what to expect from the different “visitors” following a flood event.

Image depicting a family in front of a home

Why Do I Need Flood Insurance? (F-002)

Make the case to clients about the risk, need, and value of flood insurance.

Image depicting a family in front of a home

Worst Guest List (F-078)

Palm card listing the names that will be given to Atlantic Hurricanes.

Image depicting a family in front of a home

Your Homeowners Insurance Does Not Cover Flooding (F-067)

A handout for client visits the dispels the common misconception that homeowners insurance covers flood damage.